Teaching Artist interview series

South Korea ITAC Hub presents ‘Teaching Artist Interview Series’, 

which sheds light on concerns, intentions and methodologies of

Korean Teaching Artists(TA) and their practices. 

“I want to be a pleasantly biased person at times for those who don’t have enough of their shares.” – Jeram Yunghun Kang

I explore the value of light-but-strong, thin-but-tough material - vinyl.”

- Youngkyung Bang

“Everyone has one’s beauty. I am an artist who discovers individual beauty and creates it into a work of arts.” - Bomyi Go

“I want to continue doing meaningful research and practice that goes back and forth between the actual field and work even when I become a grandmother, and I want to form a sense of sustainability in which work and education are closely intertwined.” - Kyung-mi Jung

“The intangible power that exists in the process of actualizing the output is the reason I do research.” – Kyung Ae Ro

“Since the lives of artists and teaching artists are largely ‘based on individual activities’, ‘loose solidarity’ is even more necessary.” - Haeweon Yi

 “I want to work for the sake of children rather than focusing on making my own great work” - Man-Young Jung

I advocate the maintenance of unfamiliar and beautiful creative activities of the ones who are deeply immersed in their inner selves.”

– Inkyung Kim , Hyona Kim

“Enabling one to come up with one’s own question within daily life, is the reason I teach.” - Gye-Won Lee

“In my opinion, even sharing one’s thoughts in small meetings is crucial element for self-development” /  “ITAC5 in 2020 was a time to look back on myself. It was an opportunity for me to realize and confirm that my path was right.” /“Meeting people who understand my job lets me get confident about it. That’s the reason to meet and discuss with others.”

– Yongse An/Hodong Lee/Soohye Jang