About ITAC

The International Teaching Artists Collaborative

The International Teaching Artists Collaborative became a year round organisation in 2018, as a result of the appetite created by ITAC’s previous biennial international conferences. We are the first international network created by and for teaching artists, and Artists who work in participatory settings, to develop their practice, create connections and develop our field.

The first of our groundbreaking ITAC Conferences took place in Norway in 2012, instigated by Marit Ulvund through Seanse Art Center and involving Eric Booth. Following its success and the needs expressed by the teaching artist delegates, the organisers made a commitment to hold a biennial international conference focussing on the work of teaching artists. 

The second ITAC was held in Brisbane in 2014, the third in Edinburgh in 2016 and the fourth in New York in 2018. The biennial events aim to be a dynamic platform for:

sharing practice, learning and research in the field of participatory arts

showcasing best and next practice for the host and visiting nations

generating new connections and building a palpable energy towards an international community

The ITAC Proposed Outcomes Are….

✔ Improved practice

✔ Better international connectivity

✔ Greater understanding of practice in different countries

✔ Increased opportunity for international collaboration

✔ Greater understanding of the value of the practice across sectors

✔ Increased visibility, support and status for the work

Our People

Yonglun Liu

Singapore, Chair of ITAC

Eric Booth

Singapore, Chair of ITAC

Joan Parr

Scotland, Interim Director of Arts and Engagement at Creative Scotland

So Yeon Kim

Director of Educational Resources Division, Korea Arts & Culture Education Service (KACES), Korea

Marit Ulvund

Director of Seanse ArtCenter, Norway

Jean E. Taylor

Teaching Artist for Lincoln Center Education, USA