Ji Young Sin

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Fields or Genres : Arts and culture / Dance education

Location/Platform : Busan, Korea / Ulsan, Korea

Q. Tell Me about Yourself

Ji Young Sin is a teaching artist and an organizer for arts and culture education programs. Based on dance, she combines school curriculum-oriented program with various genres of arts education outside school. By doing so, she provides holistic and integrated programs to children and teenagers. She is also a president of Toward Art Arthouse.

Q. What Is Your Driving Force or Inspiration of Your Practice?

Different voices I encounter from arts education field are my driving force. For everyone to have a better life, we should break down the inequality in arts and culture education and make sure that anyone can engage in the education without discrimination. Through arts education, I want to become a guidance to a better life as I reflect on myself, look around communities around me, have my heart wide open to communicate openly, and understand their feelings.

Q. What is a Teaching Artist?
Describe the Teaching Artist You Would Like to Become in Ten Years.

I want to become a teaching artist who plans and spreads convergence education programs based on artistic activities that anyone can be understood, consoled, and enjoy.

Q. What is the Metaphor, the Right Word, for your Practice?
And Why?

Dance is a mingling place.

As we dance, we become one with the dance, where all of us can have fun and interact with each other. Dance is like an open space for understanding and connection.

Q. What Do Colleagues Mean to You?

To me, colleagues are my companions and partners. We look in the same direction with the same, sharing mind, give strength to one another, and guide each other to a better way to live.