Sun Young Choi

#Education #Collecting #Fun #Rest #Family

Fields or Genres : Arts and culture education

Location/Platform : Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea / Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea 

Q. Tell Me about Yourself

I like adorable, cute characters, and I am a toy collector. I also like drawing, and anything I can make with my hands, I’m in. I am an avid fan of searching.

Q. What Is Your Driving Force or Inspiration of Your Practice?

Having a mission inspires me to view things around me differently and think of new, unusual ideas.

Missions are my driving force and my inspiration.

Q. What is a Teaching Artist?
Describe the Teaching Artist You Would Like to Become in Ten Years.

A teaching artist is a person with unique perspective!

A playful friend who spots something special hidden inside people and helps them to show them! In ten years, I want to be a teaching artist who can offer a resting place.

Q. What is the Metaphor, the Right Word, for your Practice?
And Why?

A little road in the woods! There, I can get relaxed and gain strength to clear my head.

Q. What Do Colleagues Mean to You?

Family! They are the ones who give me energy.

We get tired sometimes, but my amazing colleagues create energy great enough to overcome.