So Yo Ahn

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Fields or Genres : Film / Moving Images

Location/Platform : Seoul, Korea / Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Q. Tell Me about Yourself

So Yo Ahn is a film major student and is preparing to become an arts instructor. She has participated in a number of film productions and is working as a director, art director, producer, editor, and many more positions.

Q. What Is Your Driving Force or Inspiration of Your Practice?

Good people of colleagues are the inspiration of my practice. We talk together and understand one another. We help each other to look at something one has never thought of. They always give me inspiration.

Q. What is a Teaching Artist?
Describe the Teaching Artist You Would Like to Become in Ten Years.

I think a teaching artist is a person who plants a possibility of positive changes. I want to plant this possibility on the road I have taken and will take so that positive changes can grow and prosper.

Q. What is the Metaphor, the Right Word, for your Practice?
And Why?

My field of practice is “one tree.” My practice is only a small tree, but it will stretch its root deep inside the ground and make up a grand forest of many trees as I work with my colleagues.

Q. What Do Colleagues Mean to You?

Colleagues are people whom one can talk about one’s worries to, and vice versa, and search for solutions while working on a project together. Through cooperation, we share one another’s feelings and become a better person.