Yun Ji Do

#Theater #Painting #Fun #Easy #Laughter

Fields or Genres : Painting / Theater

Location/Platform : Seoul, Korea / Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Q. Tell Me about Yourself

Yun Ji Do is a theater and arts major student and preparing to become an arts and culture activist. She attempts to work on a variety of projects to create contents that can touch students’ and her hearts who pursue arts in the culturally marginalized areas. One of them is a project combining arts and theater and making it into an archive.

Q. What Is Your Driving Force or Inspiration of Your Practice?

When I hear about the state of students engaging in arts in the culturally marginalized areas like I do, the thought that I can be a movement to give them more opportunities drives me to take action.

Q. What is a Teaching Artist?
Describe the Teaching Artist You Would Like to Become in Ten Years.

As a teaching artist, in 10 years, I want to meet various students and people in many different regions, spread a daily does of happiness through arts education and arts I’m studying, and prepare the way for them to continue this interaction.

Q. What is the Metaphor, the Right Word, for your Practice?
And Why?

I think my practice is “a light rain.” Like when a light rain falls, people may not notice if they are getting wet at first, but my practice will continue and gradually expand to the degree that they will notice someday.

Q. What Do Colleagues Mean to You?

My colleagues are my friends at school, with whom I share a lot, and teaching artists in our team, Floresta, with whom I talk a lot. My friends at school are my colleagues that I learn and work together with. And, the teaching artists in Floresta are my colleagues who are warm-hearted to share with others even the smallest thing.