Ja Min Gu

#Music #Video #Sound #Arts #Nature

Fields or Genres : Music

Location/Platform : Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea / Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

Q. Tell Me about Yourself

I am a violinist and an arts instructor, involved in various fields of professions wherever music can mediate. I’m documenting my own life through installation arts using sounds, musical performances, and videos that collect the memories and data of urban systems and infrastructure. I’m also interested in dealing with social and cultural issues.

Q. What Is Your Driving Force or Inspiration of Your Practice?

Traveling, having a sauna, watching videos on YouTube, Netflix, and Apple TV, and sometimes reading books.

I start to take an action when I feel like I can experiment something I can do.

Q. What is a Teaching Artist?
Describe the Teaching Artist You Would Like to Become in Ten Years.

A person who practices arts. A person with sound mind and body who can surprise people and who is actively ‘playing’ in society.

Q. What is the Metaphor, the Right Word, for your Practice?
And Why?

Stone, which I think is the most useful object. As an irreplaceable, versatile tool, stone doesn’t need upgrades or updates anymore to live.

Q. What Do Colleagues Mean to You?

A person who speaks the same language, which makes me say, “Okay! Let’s do that!” without hesitation. A person who I feel comfortable with when eating together, someone who is free-spirited and easygoing.