About South Korea ITAC Hub’s
2022 Project : <You are What You Do>

The South Korea ITAC Hub’s 2022 project, <You Are What You Do>, implies what ‘you’ as a teaching artist define who you are by doing what you want. Rather than letting others decide what a teaching artist should do, each teaching artist pond over what one wants to do, practice, and define one’s beliefs and activities one pursues. 

It is a project where teaching artists working in the field organize a team to explore a theme coming from their personal interests and agenda. Each team leader recruits its members independently, and manage and run the team and its activities. The project thus supports each team’s autonomous and independent choices and interactions through various types of activities, including small-scale cooperative research, discussions, experiments, and studios. It aims to foster a network between teaching artists and, by documenting each team’s activities, publicize nationwide and worldwide the current states of arts and culture education in Korea.

Open Presentation

This video is a record of <You are What You Do> Open Presentation. Five people, who participated in the project as a team leader, gave presentations on the theme they wanted to explore with their team members and the way they were planning to run each of their teams to recruit the members.

2022 <You are What You Do>

Project Report of 2022 <You are What You Do>