Korea & USA Project

This project is part funded by, and was developed in response to, the ITAC Connecting Hosts Project funding strand 2018 - 2020.

Coordinating Teaching Artist:
‍Beata, Jintak and Jeehye

The project allowed Beata, an experienced US-Korean Teaching Artist, to conduct a residency in Seoul, working with 10 - 50 year olds on self-expression through music and composition. The initiative provided a platform to exchange ideas and transfer knowledge within the field. It also offered training to local Teaching Artists on how to deliver these sessions in their own communities. The goal was to remind music learners, in a context which often highly pressurizes learners to aim for ‘perfection’, to value the process rather than the product.

Beata, Jintak and Jeehye collaborated on the delivery of workshops as well as the connections and development with local Korean Teaching Artists.